Missing friends, Cafes and endless confusions: Mental health of students during Corona
We are suddenly challenged by multiple problems concerning the present and future of education. Covid-19 has left us with multiple over-determined questions to seek answers for. Only when the experts see some light of hope, new questions demand attention.
14 May, 2020
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Investment in Online Education: Pan-Asian platform as panacea?
One of the major ‘achievements’ of Covid-19 is that it has made us realise that the normal functioning of our lives need an overhaul. For the last one month many academics have shown burgeoning interest in understanding how education is slowly shifting fr
08 May, 2020
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Post Lockdown norms for school: What more is needed?
In accordance with the WHO guidelines, the MHRD is drafting new directives of seating arrangements, mess and library rules etc. for schools once they reopen after the lockdown.
07 May, 2020
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Education post Covid-19: IB suspends exams, a leap forward in Higher education?
According to a recent report by Economic Times, the HRD ministry is chalking out new directives, keeping in mind the WHO recommended social distancing norms, to be followed once classroom education resume.
05 May, 2020
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Applications in the time of Corona: Cornel first Ivy to cancel SAT/ACT, but questions remain
In a bid to make the tedious application process a little less stressful for students in the time of Corona, The Cornel University has made SAT and ACT optional for its application. Cornel’s decision was welcomed with a mixed barrage of reactions by the s
29 April, 2020
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