From Classroom to Global Clinic: How WFME Accreditation Impacts Indian Medical Students
The World Federation for Medical Education is a worldwide non-governmental group committed to improving the standards of medical education everywhere. Their accreditation system is crucial for making sure that medical schools adhere to the best global sta
21 February, 2024
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India Education Round-Up | February 2024 | HEIs to be categorised as 'accredited' or 'not accredited', grading system to go
Serving as a primer for news articles in print/digital media, this write-up aims to share recent notable events in Indian education, inspiring educators and stakeholders to adopt best practices.
15 February, 2024
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Game Careers in India: Mapping Out the Scope of Game Design and Development
The need for developers in the gaming sector has surged by 50% over the past few years. With the rapid integration of the internet and web applications into our daily routines, the gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth.
14 February, 2024
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BCA vs BTech CSE: Choosing the Right Path After 12th
In today’s era, technology and computer applications stand as the two main pillars that are shaping our society. Amidst this modern landscape driven by technology, there are a lot of scholars who are interested in different aspects of science. As a result
05 February, 2024
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Charting Your Course: The Essential Data Scientist Qualifications Roadmap
In today's data-driven world, the role of a data scientist has become increasingly crucial across industries. From influencing business decisions to driving innovation, data scientists play a pivotal role in extracting insights from vast amounts of data.
02 February, 2024
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Educational Empowerment: The Significance of Rating for Schools
In an era where schools are entrusted with shaping future generations, it is essential to ensure that standards are upheld and excellence is fostered. This is where independent assessment emerges as a crucial tool, as it will help in improving the quality
31 January, 2024
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Indian Universities, Colleges and Schools Round-Up | January 2024 | O P Jindal Global University sets up new Jindal India Institute to build India’s soft power globally
This article seeks to illuminate recent advancements within Indian educational institutions, ranging from universities and colleges to schools. It aims to inspire educators and stakeholders to adopt effective strategies within their educational contexts.
30 January, 2024
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Revolutionising Learning: Real-World Applications of AI in Education
Education is a powerful tool that has the potential to transform lives and break down barriers. However, traditional educational approaches often struggle to meet the diverse needs of learners, leading to gaps in knowledge, accessibility, and engagement.
28 January, 2024
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How to Choose the Right MBA Colleges: 5 Factors to Consider
Choosing a university to pursue your MBA can be difficult, as this sets the foundation for your career. Let’s look at it this way, you’re standing at a crossroads, and each university is like a different path that leads you to distinct destinations.
27 January, 2024
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Navigating excellence - Understanding the importance of Independent rating for Colleges and Universities
In today's competitive educational landscape, the significance of college and university rating cannot be overstated. They serve as an invaluable tool for students, parents, and even employers in evaluating the quality and credibility
24 January, 2024
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