November 22, 2018 · news

Santhosh Karnananda, Head - Client Relations, QS IGAUGE addressed 800+ academicians and administrators @ Christ University, Bengaluru. This gathering of higher education personnel was one of the largest of its kind in the state of Karnataka. Santhosh curated a workshop on QS rankings and ratings, while sharing some crucial insights into the latest trends in the world of higher education. 

Through this workshop, the participants were made aware about the different ranking systems in the world and how rankings are conducted. This was followed by a detailed explanation about the QS ranking and rating methodology. Also, he shared some useful insights on how QS I∙GAUGE was formed and how it helps showcase the true potential of institutions in India to the rest of the world.  
The attendees were also given a detailed explanation about the difference between ranking and rating and how to participate in both. The workshop involved an interactive Q & A session, which saw active participation from members of the audience.