QS I∙GAUGE workshop @ Delhi University

QS I∙GAUGE workshop @ Delhi University

December 24, 2018 · news

Ashwin Fernandes, Regional Director, QS Intellegence Unit, was invited by the Vice Chancellor of Delhi University to conduct a workshop on QS Ranking and Rating at the Delhi University campus. The workshop was attended by the Directors, Principals and Deans of most of the colleges affiliated with the university. The workshop witnessed a good participation and invoked interest in the subject.

Rankings, ratings and national assessments, and accreditation systems are measures of quality created by quality assurance agencies. The workshop helped create awareness regarding the distinction between ranking and rating. Ranking benchmarks an institution globally, regionally and locally in comparative perspective for the stakeholders. Whereas as rating provides an in-depth insight into an institution’s quality parameters and the overall ‘health’ of the institution. Ranking and the rating methodology are to be seen as mutually inclusive entities than as an exclusive phenomenon, if excellence is the ultimate goal of an institution.

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