August 29, 2018 · news

“Disrupt or get Disrupted”

10th August 2018: Hotel St Regis, Lower Parel, Mumbai

The world has never seen a greater volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous time than today. The content of education, the method of educating, the relevance of educators are all being challenged by stakeholders and market forces. The higher education space is facing several questions: How to deliver value? How to stay current? How to leverage scale? How to mass-customise? How to break geographical boundaries and get education to reach all corners of the world without any dilution? Many organizations beyond traditional colleges and universities are attempting to resolve these questions. Hence, we need to ask ourselves if we are armed with the strategy, experience, wherewithal and above all, the vision to disrupt and renew or get disrupted.

Visionaries from Regulatory bodies, Academia and Corporate delved into the conference theme. Our CEO & Director, Ashwin Fernandes, was invited as a speaker to share his thoughts and perspectives on technology adaption and skill development in the country and the role that institutes of higher education play in creating a future-ready workforce.

During the panel discussion named ‘Collaboration, Co-creation & Incubation’, moderated by Mr. Rajiv Vaishnav, Managing Partner of Cornerstone Venture Partners, QS I∙GAUGE got the opportunity to share the stage with Prof Suhas Padnekar, Vice Chancellor, University of Mumbai and Prof DS Rao, Vice Chancellor, Amity University (Mumbai) - Visionaries and leading personalities in the field of higher education in the country.