Elsevier Research Connect Forum co-hosted by RICH and IIIT-Hyderabad

June 20, 2019 · news

Elsevier Research Solutions co-hosted a one-day Research Connect Forum at IIIT-Hyderabad with Research and Innovation Council of Hyderabad (RICH) and IIIT Hyderabad on 17 June. The forum had a wide range of speakers and panellists from the major higher education councils, universities and research institutes. The focus of the forum was to promote research an integral part in Indian higher education in universities and colleges.

Mr Subhayou Nayak, Associate Director – Client Relations, QS I·GAUGE was invited as a speaker on Rankings and Ratings as drivers towards research excellence. The session emphasized on the importance of research in Indian higher education sector.

Source: IIIT, Hyderabad (June Newsletter). Read full article here.