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11 Best Courses After MBA in India - Every MBA Must Know

07 December, 2022

If you have completed your MBA, congratulations! You now have a strong network and are exposed to new career opportunities. But sometimes, a general management degree may not be enough for you to dive deeper into a specific area of interest. That is why there are several well-known courses after MBA that you can opt for. If you are wondering why you should pursue a course after MBA, let us inform you that an MBA degree is one of the most sought-after programs worldwide. This means that you will face stiff competition to stand out from your peers.

The benefits of doing an educational course after an MBA includes a high salary, a better job, enhanced skills, and many others.

ISB Certificate Programme in Business Analytics (CBA)

The ISB Certificate Programme in Business Analytics or CBA is also known as the Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics or AMPBA. This is a short-term course after an MBA for mid-career professionals with 2-15 years of experience. The duration of the program is 15 months.

This Indian School of Business course is an excellent opportunity for you to balance your work and your pursuits. This program combines classroom learning with technology-aided learning platforms. This program also uses foundational projects with different modules to help you learn real-world solutions to business problems.

PhD in Management

A PhD in management offered by different IIMs will help you gain a deeper perspective on management. It is an ideal course after MBA, especially for those in the consulting field and those looking for a career in academics. This program is spread across 4-5 years, where you will be dedicated solely to research from your third year.

The PhD in management will offer you research topics across marketing, finance, economics, human resources, etc. Other benefits include a library with various literature, journals, and databases. Along with this treasure of knowledge, you would also enjoy high computing facilities, lodging on campus, fellowship, and money for research!

This program also focuses on improving your business management fundamentals and leadership skills to help you stand apart in your industry. You will be involved in monitoring, controlling, leading, planning, and organizing business activities.

Executive MBA

Designed for working professionals who are at the mid-senior level, the Executive MBA is a shorter MBA program that can add the ‘double MBA’ tag to your resume! Several B-Schools in India and abroad offer Executive programs that help you interact with the best in the industry to take your career to the next level.

Doctor of Business Administration

DBA or Doctor of Business Administration graduates move to become leaders in the industry or the public sector. If you choose this course after your MBA, you will have several career options as a financial analyst, consultant, manager, or director. The DBA also offers courses and specializations in various fields that help you cultivate high-level decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Professional or PMP certification is issued by the Project Management Institute or PMI. It is a non-profit organization in the area of project management. This certification is ideal if you wish to be a leading Project manager. It is also a testament that you have what it takes to get the job done, considering the hours of effort you will put in for the certificate.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

This short-term course after MBA is designed to meet the needs of the finance world and provide you with the correct information to handle it. For this course, you only require a bachelor’s degree. Another good news is that if you are a student in your final year of graduation, you can apply for this certification course!

With this certification, you are sure to land a job in investment banking, portfolio management, and equity research.

Financial Risk Management (FRM)

Did you know that FRM is one of the most chosen short-term courses after an MBA? This short-term course would be ideal for you if you wish to work for investment banks, corporations, or asset management firms. Also, you do not need to be a mid-senior professional to be eligible to apply for this course. All you need is a minimum of two years of work experience. They also do not have any educational requirements.

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA)

This course after MBA is conducted with programming languages like Java, C, and C Packages. They also use operating systems like MS Office- Web Design, TALLY, and Oracle-VB for information handling. Now, the good news for you is that you can either choose the one-year course (either full-time or part-time) with no previous experience.

Data Science

With the dawn of the digital age, there is a lot of information that can be analyzed to understand customer behaviour and create a product that suits their needs. These extensive data extracted from sources like log files, financial transactions, and social media need an expert to comprehend their meaning.

If you are one such professional who loves crunching data, then a career in Data Science is right. If you take up this course after your MBA, it would only enhance your resume and give your prospective employers another reason to consider you for the job.

Operations Management

This branch of Business Administration works with managing the operations and analyzing the success and failure rates. If you take up an operations management course after your MBA, you will be responsible for improving the company’s sustainability. You will find yourself working in the planning department, plant operations, logistics, etc.

These short-term courses after MBA can provide anyone with an advantage to make their business degree more efficient. QS I-GAUGE helps you find the top rated institutions to pursue your career after MBA. These courses can help a student enrich his/her skill with knowledge, driven by assorted sources. Students can obtain wide exposure to multiple career paths and opportunities through these courses.

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