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The school rating methodology has incorporated critical thinking as an important aspect of learning. It is important to know how a school encourages students to think clearly, logically, and rationally using critical thinking tools or methodologies. The methodology has also focused a lot on self-learning and cooperative learning, which we believe would inculcate a serious thrust in students. Education, all over the world, has changed its focus from one-sided instruction to comprehensive learning, to impart important skills. It is only through openness that a mind develops its potential to absorb true essences of education. In fact, the New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) categorically says that the key of overall thrust of the curriculum and pedagogy reform from the previous stage would be to ‘move the education system towards real understanding and learning how to learn.’ This, we believe is the most important aspect of the policy brief, which will revolutionise Indian education by obliterating the culture of rote learning and encourage criticality. The goal of this, as the NEP suggests “will be to create holistic and complete individuals equipped with key 21st century skills.”

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