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QS I-GAUGE Academic Excellence Conclave: Panel discussion - Role of Rating, Ranking & other Independent Assessments in Academic Excellence
Jun 13, 2022

Is academic excellence dependent on Ranking and Ratings? Are Ranking and Rating an integral part of academic excellence; how do they impact fostering academic excellence? Domestic or international ranking & rating agency; what should institutions choose? What are the benefits of Ratings and Rankings? What are the changes the institutions want to bring to the existing rating mechanism? Should institutions have a dedicated team that solely focuses on the ratings and rankings?

To find the answers and more insights, watch the panel discussion by some of the eminent academic leaders in the Indian education arena titled “Role of Rating, Ranking & other Independent Assessments in Academic Excellence” moderated by Prof Padmanabha Ramanujan. The panel discussion was held at the QS I-GAUGE Academic Excellence Conclave in New Delhi on 12 May 2022.

Institution of Happiness Award to Trio World Academy
Jun 03, 2022

Trio World Academy is among the first few institutions in India, especially schools, that received the “institution of Happiness” award by QS I-GAUGE. This video is the news coverage of the awards ceremony by NewsFirst Kannada, a leading news channel in Karnataka.

Testimonial - KPR Institute of Engineering and Technology
May 31, 2022

Dr M Akila, Principal, KPRIET, Coimbatore shares her experience of the comprehensive process?based quality assurance system of QS I-GAUGE audit and the value we added to KPRIET in their journey towards achieving global standards in academic excellence.

Testimonial - Manav Rachna University
May 25, 2022

Prof (Dr) I K Bhat, Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna University shares his experience of going through the QS I-GAUGE audit process.

QS I-GAUGE Academic Excellence Conclave: Panel discussion - Importance of Happiness and Well-being of faculty and students in teaching and learning
May 12, 2022

Does success lead to happiness or does happiness leads to success? How to cultivate happiness in students, faculty, and other stakeholders? To find answers and more insights, listen to the panel discussion titled “Importance of Happiness and Well-being of Faculty and Students in Teaching & Learning”, moderated by Prof Atul Khosla, at the QS I-GAUGE Academic Excellence Conclave held in Delhi on 12 May 2022.

Panel members:

Prof Atul Khosla (Moderator) - Shoolini University
Ms Shrisha Mohandoss - SSVM Institutions
Prof Prabhat Pankaj - Jaipuria Institute of Management
Mr Robert Champion - Trio World Academy
Ms Pooja Priyamvada - IIMM Delhi
Mr Abhishek Kumar Yadav - Griffins International School

PACT-Star Awards (Finals)
Jan 25, 2022

National Level PACT-Star Programme

Awards for School Students

PACT2030 which stands for Pledge, Act, Change, Transform – 2030; is a social enterprise that has been constituted to empower academic institutions to think beyond their boundaries and care for the world.

As part of this initiative, we are pleased to unveil the PACT STAR Awards - a PAN India level SDG contest for school students from Grade 9-12.

What better way to empower our future, than to give power and support to young minds - the future is for them indeed. In this national-level contest, 10 finalists presented their ideas to an academic audience from all over India. Top 3  projects received funding support of INR 1 Lakh each for effective implementation of SDG ideas in their community.

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