QS I-GAUGE E-Learning Excellence for Academic Digitisation (E-LEAD)

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Global E-Learning Paradigm

It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. Amidst a world-wide lockdown due to COVID-19, the education sector is amongst the many that has taken a strong blow and underlined a need to change drastically. No more are the stakeholders involved in higher education able to function conventionally and the prospect of operating back to the status quo seems quite indefinite. In such a time, the only recourse that universities across the globe are resorting to is that of functioning online. It does not seem far-fetched to conceive the idea of having institutions function through the Internet and move towards a blended model approach.


The E-LEAD certification assesses preparedness of institutions on various indicators such as student-faculty engagement, virtual sessions, and presence of a robust Learning Management System; and all of these elements supported and managed by a team of IT experts or solution providers that are guided by a comprehensive IT policy and best practices to ensure adequate infrastructure is provided for seamless online education delivery.

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