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QS I-GAUGE endeavours to provide a unique rating system to all the Universities and Colleges across India. We follow a customised technique to collect and analyse the data and frame our decision into an authenticated report. Every institution’s audit is handled by a Research Analyst who coordinates with the assigned Point of Contact (POC) to acquire the required data. The audit works on two types of data, namely - Survey Data which is collected through respective surveys from students, faculty, and alumni of the institution, and Self-Reported Data which is submitted by the institution in a standardised format followed by QS I-GAUGE. The data submitted by the institutions is secured in cloud storage and kept confidential throughout the audit process and even post the release of audit results.

The self-reported data carries a weightage of 70% in the entire audit and stakeholder surveys compose 30%. The satisfaction of the stakeholders with the institutions adds a lot to the credibility of the institutions.

QS I-GAUGE maintains transparency in its Methodology and the public can easily access the information on the wide array of indicators that we evaluate under each relevant criterion. All the analysts at QS I-GAUGE follow a Standard Operating Procedure throughout the process and are closely monitored by the QS Intelligence Unit on a regular basis.

The overall turnaround time is expected to be 14 weeks. The institutions get 6 weeks of time to submit the data, followed by 6 weeks of data validation and analysis performed by the analyst. The analysts maintain regular communication with the institutional POCs to seek clarifications and additional evidence as and when required. Once the audit is completed by the analyst, it enters the stage of Quality Check by a QS I-GAUGE peer reviewer as well as the QS Intelligence Unit.

The final results post the review are collated and the institution is provided with a detailed Scorecard which acts as a roadmap for further improvement and also highlights the institution’s current key strengths. They are also awarded a Certificate along with their Overall Rating Badge and Category-wise Badges.

If you have any queries on the methodology or the rating process, please contact us on contact@igauge.in

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