LIVE: QS School Ratings Launch

August 6, 2020 · news

QS IGAUGE will host a virtual event for the launch of School Ratings on Thursday, 13th August at 4:30 PM (RSVP here)

To mark this special occasion, our Founder & CEO Mr Nunzio Quacquarelli will be delivering the keynote address. The virtual event will host a panel discussion on Quality Assessment and Transformation of School Education. We are pleased to invite you to witness the launch of a unique initiative that is expected to make a difference in quality assessment for schools.

The revolution in information technology has forced the world to comprehend reality in a different manner. Therefore, it is important that our education system to be adaptive and future ready. With the rapidly changing global and national scenario, it is crucial to incorporate indicators like values and culture, social responsibility and sensitisation and adaptability, while assessing and evaluating the strength(s) of schools. QS IGAUGE has leveraged upon its expertise and credibility to provide India’s first nationwide school rating system.

The New Education Policy 2020 (NEP) categorically says that the key to overall thrust of the curriculum and pedagogy reform from the previous stage would be to ‘move the education system towards real understanding and learning how to learn.’ This, we believe is the most important aspect of the policy brief, which will revolutionise Indian education by obliterating the culture of rote learning and encourage criticality.  The goal of this, as the NEP suggests “will be to create holistic and complete individuals equipped with key 21st century skills.”

In the methodology framework, we have also tried to assess how schools promote a collaborative spirit/culture in a group, as being a part of the society. Does your school simulate community atmosphere for classroom learning? Or, does your school set expectations of mutual respect during shared learning? If we refer to the NEP, it seeks to conduct teaching and learning in a more interactive manner, where questions are encouraged, classroom sessions are fun, creative and collaborative. This will make learning experience deeper and paves the way for experiential learning. Another example of how QS IGAUGE methodology truly encourages Indian schools to develop a world-class new age education system, is corroborated by its harping on the point of scientific temper. The invigorating panel discussion will focus on some of the key highlights of the methodology.

We look forward to your presence on the launch event. Together, let us try to build a strong future for our young generation.

Please RSVP by clicking here or you can call Suma Sunil on +91 98456 99912.