Turning challenges into opportunities: The inspirational story of JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research (AHER)
Good governance and leadership, social responsibility, and global engagement are the significant qualities of a successful Higher Education Institution (HEI). Read on to know how JSS AHER turned challenges into opportunities.
31 May, 2021
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Distinctive Approach Towards Educational Excellence: The Success Story of Alliance University
Education becomes a force for universal good, seamlessly combining personal and professional success with the well-being of learners and teachers when an institution has clarity in its vision. Read on to know about the initiates of Alliance University.
26 May, 2021
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A sustainable path to digital transformation: The success story of Sharda University
While several educational institutions are still grappling with pandemic challenges, Sharda University has smoothly transformed to digital teaching and learning system by adopting flexible ICT-based platforms.
19 May, 2021
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Progressing Towards the Vision to be a ‘Top 200 Global University by 2022’: Journey of Shoolini University
Community impact through Research and Innovation, Flexibility in Governance, International Students and Faculty are the most important qualities an institution must have to achieve success.
12 May, 2021
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Transforming India’s Higher Education Landscape: Ashoka University’s Unconventional Journey
With interdisciplinarity at the heart of its pedagogy, Ashoka University has the vision to help students become well-rounded individuals who can think critically about issues from multiple perspectives, communicate effectively...
05 May, 2021
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Achieving the Highest Standards of Institutional Excellence amidst Adversities: Success Story of O P Jindal Global University
2020 has taught us that we live in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) World, and Universities playing an instrumental role in nation-building need to always be prepared for changes.
28 April, 2021
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Battling COVID-19 from the Frontlines: Success Story of Ramaiah Medical College
Commitment, discipline, and empathy are the most important qualities that an institution must have to achieve success. Read on to know how Ramaiah Medical College rose to the occasion and battled the pandemic by leveraging on these key aspects.
21 April, 2021
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New Trends in Education Sector
As the chaotic year has ended and the normalcy is creeping in, it is now time to look forward and focus on the trends that will shape the future of education. From advancements in technology in education to blended learning,
19 April, 2021
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Preparing students for the 21st century globalised environment: The success story of UEM Kolkata
Moving with the current trend, organisations insist that they need people who can think creatively, communicate, and work in teams. People with the ability to think creatively come up with novel solutions to problems.
14 April, 2021
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To be perfect is to change often: The story of NSHM in pursuit of excellence
Like any other institution, the year 2020 posed a huge challenge for the institution to overcome the initial adversities of the pandemic that too in a just-in-time model. The compulsion was transitioning wholly to digital spaces from physical spaces.
07 April, 2021
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