Indian Universities, Colleges and Schools Round-Up | March 2024 | FLAME University signs groundbreaking MOU with Harvard University’s Center for Geographic Analysis
This article seeks to illuminate recent advancements within Indian educational institutions, ranging from universities and colleges to schools. It aims to inspire educators and stakeholders to adopt effective strategies within their educational contexts.
31 March, 2024
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Charting Your Career Path: Exploring BBA MBA Integrated Courses in India
In this competitive job market, the demand for skilled professionals has significantly increased and organisations are constantly seeking individuals equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and versatility to navigate the complexities of the business worl
04 March, 2024
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Navigating Career Choices: A Comprehensive Guide to Computer Courses after 12th
In today's world, where technology is the cornerstone of almost every aspect of our lives, having a solid understanding of computers and their applications has become more important than ever. There are a lot of computer courses after the 12th that you ca
18 March, 2024
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Charting Your Course: MBA After Engineering in 2024 for Career Growth
In today’s competitive job market, being an all-rounder opens a world of opportunities for candidates. As technology continues to advance and industries evolve at a rapid pace, the demand for professionals equipped with a diverse skill set becomes increas
13 March, 2024
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Open University in India: Bridging Gaps in Higher Education
In the dynamic landscape of education, accessibility and flexibility have become more important than ever. As traditional boundaries blur and technology continues to reshape the learning experience, Open Universities have emerged as beacons of opportunity
11 March, 2024
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Transform Your Career: Top Picks for the Best IT Courses Online
In today’s modern era, technology plays an important role in our lives, whether it’s overseeing intricate operations of businesses or making sure that our smartphones function properly, the influence of IT is profound. The demand for IT professionals is s
05 March, 2024
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Navigating the Tech Terrain: The Career Scope of MBA in Information Technology in India
In a world where technology is rapidly evolving, talented individuals who develop and sell different types of technology are the need of the hour. Well, to address this concern, a new specialisation in MBA has been started that will provide individuals wi
07 March, 2024
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India Education Round-Up | March 2024 | India's first AI teacher, Iris, launched in a Kerala school
Serving as a primer for news articles in print/digital media, this write-up aims to share recent notable events in Indian education, inspiring educators and stakeholders to adopt best practices.
12 March, 2024
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Empowering Women Through Education: A Path Towards Equality
Education catalyses women's empowerment by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to assert their rights and pursue their aspirations.
08 March, 2024
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