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Spotlight: Celebrating 4 Years of Excellence - In Conversation with Suchismita Mallick, Senior Research Analyst at QS I-GAUGE

12 April, 2024

Navigating the vast landscape of education can be daunting, with students, parents, and stakeholders alike seeking the right institution. QS I-GAUGE steps in, offering a unique rating framework that empowers learners nationwide to make informed choices. At the helm, the research analyst team meticulously assesses institutions, offering a roadmap to academic excellence. As she marks her 4th-year milestone, Suchismita Mallik, Sr Research Analyst, shares her experience of being an integral part of QS I-GAUGE. Below, find her insightful responses to our inquiries.

What motivated you to join QS I-GAUGE, and can you tell us about your journey at the company from your role as a Research Analyst to becoming a Senior Research Analyst?

I joined QS I-GAUGE initially as a Research Analyst. Being new to this field, my understanding of the significance of university and college ratings in India was limited. However, I was driven by the desire to contribute to the Indian education system and be involved in shaping its future through various initiatives such as providing guidance, understanding institutional needs, and fostering collaborations among different educational institutions. My journey at QS I-GAUGE has been a valuable learning experience, transitioning from the role of a research analyst to that of a senior research analyst. Interacting closely with various institutions has taught me the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in this dynamic field.

How has your role evolved over the years at QS I-GAUGE, and what aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling?

Throughout my tenure at QS I-GAUGE, my role has undergone significant evolution. I transitioned from being solely focused on learning to guiding my colleagues as well. The learning journey extends beyond just the research team. It is also great to learn and collaborate with colleagues across various departments, such as sales and marketing. It's this mix of learning and teamwork that makes my job fulfilling. My role at QS I-GAUGE has evolved significantly, from managing larger projects to becoming thoroughly versed in particular methodologies. Over time, I have taken on leadership roles, mentoring new members and guiding them through the processes. Additionally, I've embraced the incorporation of new tools and software for data analysis, ensuring that our approaches remain cutting-edge and effective in meeting our objectives.

In your opinion, what sets QS I-GAUGE apart from other companies in the industry, and what values or principles do you think the company embodies?

QS I-GAUGE distinguishes itself by fostering a dynamic work environment where employees are encouraged to contribute to multiple projects and share their ideas. It stands out in the industry as India's pioneering college, university, and school rating system. It holds a unique position as it focuses specifically on assessing the quality of the Indian education system, providing institutions with a roadmap to enhance their standards and become world-class establishments. The organisation embodies a commitment to improving the quality of education in India by offering a structured evaluation process tailored to the needs and aspirations of Indian educational institutions. QS I-GAUGE embodies values of integrity, innovation, and collaboration. Through its commitment to enhancing academic excellence, QS I-GAUGE is a beacon of advancement within the Indian education sector.

One of the core principles embodied by the company is the belief in the power of collaboration and idea-sharing. Employees feel empowered to voice their opinions and suggest innovative solutions, knowing their ideas will be listened to and respected. This inclusive approach fosters motivation and engagement among team members, leading to successful outcomes. QS I-GAUGE's commitment to open communication and teamwork sets it apart in the industry, embodying principles of creativity and excellence.

What drives your passion for the work you do at QS I-GAUGE, and are there any specific aspects of the job that inspire you on a daily basis?

Firstly, the dynamic culture encourages creativity and teamwork, fostering an environment where ideas flourish. Secondly, the opportunity to work alongside dedicated individuals committed to excellence is incredibly inspiring. Lastly, the challenge of understanding how the quality of education influences the future generation's prospects and our role in shaping it is both intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

How has your experience at QS I-GAUGE shaped your personal and professional growth, and were there any standout moments or opportunities that significantly impacted you?

My experience at QS I-GAUGE has been instrumental in shaping my personal and professional growth. It provided me with a valuable platform where I learned to engage confidently with individuals from diverse backgrounds. In addition to my role as an analyst, I had the opportunity to serve as an MC for educational events, further bolstering my confidence and interpersonal skills in my professional endeavours and personal interactions.

How has your experience at QS I-GAUGE helped you build confidence in your abilities and career trajectory? Are there any lessons or insights you've gained that you'd like to share with others?

One significant aspect has been collaborating with colleagues and engaging in meaningful discussions. While having one's own opinions is crucial, I've learned the importance of actively listening to and respecting the perspectives of others. Their diverse insights, learning experiences, and thought processes have broadened my understanding and enriched my problem-solving skills.

Moreover, observing and learning from others' mistakes has been invaluable. It has taught me the importance of continuous improvement. Understanding that everyone makes mistakes, including myself, has helped me approach challenges with a growth mindset and resilience.

Could you share your thoughts on maintaining a healthy work-life balance during your time at QS I-GAUGE and how you have managed to find harmony between your professional responsibilities and personal life?

I prioritise the importance of unwinding after a productive day. Rather than viewing work as a burden, I approach it with a positive attitude, seeing it as an opportunity for growth and fulfilment.

To manage my workload effectively, I continuously seek out efficient strategies to streamline tasks and minimise unnecessary stress. Collaboration with colleagues is also instrumental; I am not hesitant to seek their assistance when needed. Moreover, I believe in being transparent about workload challenges. If I find myself overwhelmed with work, I communicate openly and honestly about my workload, allowing for better support and adjustments as necessary. Overall, these strategies have helped me balance professional responsibilities and personal life, enabling me to thrive both in and out of the workplace.

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