Indian Universities, Colleges and Schools Round-Up | April 2023 | Shoolini University wins research grant of INR 9 Crore under the PURSE scheme
To benefit our student community and other stakeholders, the following write-up attempts to bring striking happenings across Indian Universities, Colleges and Schools lately.
28 April, 2023
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Top 9 things the Parents Expect from School
All Parents expect schools to provide their children with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the future. Below are the Top 9 things the parents expect from school
25 April, 2023
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India Education Round-Up | April 2023 | Indian-origin mathematician CR Rao honoured with math ‘Nobel Prize’
The write-up aims to share recent notable events in Indian education, inspiring educators and stakeholders to adopt best practices. This article serves as a primer for the news articles published in the print/digital media.
14 April, 2023
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